autism emotions and feelings

Teaching Feelings To Children On The Spectrum

Children on the spectrum often have challenges expressing and understanding emotions. The subtle social cues, that we take for granted, can be met with confusion or missed entirely. Teaching emotions isn’t like learning to count or identifying colors. Using multiple reinforcements through play and social stories is the approach that helped my son. Through Early … Continue reading Teaching Feelings To Children On The Spectrum

musical munchkins

Learning Play & Socialization Through Musical Munchkins

Musical Munchkin provides wonderful opportunity for toddlers to learn play and socialization skills. Socialization and pretend play are often difficult concepts for many children on the Autism Spectrum, and our Early Intervention teachers urged us to get involved in a play group to further work on these skills. Musical Munchkins seemed like it might work … Continue reading Learning Play & Socialization Through Musical Munchkins

reducing and replacement stimming

Reducing Barrier Stims

Using Redirection and Replacement techniques have reduced barrier behaviors. As discussed in my previous article, some Stims (Self Stimulating Behavior) can create barriers to learning. Some children also use stims to block out the world around them when things become too overwhelming. Through Early Intervention, we learned lots of techniques that have helped reduce barrier … Continue reading Reducing Barrier Stims