GGN 2010 #SDCC Panel – Geek Girls Do Exist

After moving a million times over the last few years, I finally had time to start going through my storage and found a treasure box of Geek Girls Network memorabilia: con passes, handouts, buttons, flyers, and DVDs of the first ever GGN Panel from the 2010 #SDCC called GEEK GIRLS DO EXIST ! What an … Continue reading GGN 2010 #SDCC Panel – Geek Girls Do Exist



(image source: Autumn Wheelock) Across the globe starting at noon today, cosplayers will be taking over the internet with one simple, powerful message: #WeWantWidow! **CHECK OUT OUR FLASH MOB PHOTO GALLERY** It’s no secret than many fans and feminists alike feel Avengers: Age of Ultron completely dropped the ball with Black Widow. We were all excited … Continue reading #WeWantWidow

about rielly

Way back in 2009, I started a twitter account @geekgirls to connect with other gals who shared my interests in comics, video games, and sci-fi. To my surprise and excitement, I found that this is where all the geek girls had been hanging out! I had no idea so many awesome women were already online … Continue reading about rielly