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Baby, It’s Controversial Outside

If you missed the latest hot debate, Glenn Anderson, a host at Cleveland’s WDOK recently announced the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” would be removed from the holiday rotation. Glenn explains that although the song was written in 1944, “now while reading it, it seems very manipulative and wrong.  The world we live in is … Continue reading Baby, It’s Controversial Outside

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welcome ♥

Thanks for stopping by! I write mainly about being a mom and our atypical family, hoping to reach other moms who need support raising and understanding children with autism spectrum and sensory processing challenges. And, on occasion, I'll share some flash fiction stories and poetry. I really appreciate that you found me and hope some … Continue reading welcome ♥


(image source: Autumn Wheelock) Across the globe starting at noon today, cosplayers will be taking over the internet with one simple, powerful message: #WeWantWidow! **CHECK OUT OUR FLASH MOB PHOTO GALLERY** It’s no secret than many fans and feminists alike feel Avengers: Age of Ultron completely dropped the ball with Black Widow. We were all excited … Continue reading #WeWantWidow