autism play at the park

Kindness At The Park.

My son is not a fan of other kids. When we go to the park he likes watching the other kids run around, but he doesn’t want to play with them. And that’s okay. We’re working on helping him have fun in a social settings without getting upset at the chaos, noise, and unpredictability of … Continue reading Kindness At The Park.

internal screaming

Why “Self Care” Is A Bunch Of Bull For Special Needs Moms

Mamas, we’ve all heard it before. The concerns of friends and family that we’re running ourselves too thin. The suggestions of how to adjust our lives to get that much needed rest. And with each comment of care I can simultaneously laugh and scream. “You need to make time for you.” “Sleep when the baby … Continue reading Why “Self Care” Is A Bunch Of Bull For Special Needs Moms

Peter & James

Peter & James

I WROTE A BOOK ALL ABOUT PIRATES!!! Go read it for free on Wattpad! "Driven apart by make believe and faeries, two brothers will become Neverland's most famous of enemies. James returns to the island of Neverland and to the lost boys of his youth. While still boys, James finds them changed in unimaginable and … Continue reading Peter & James