Sleep-N-Pack Backpacks Made Our Indoor Camping Adventure Awesome

So what do you do when it’s a billion degrees outside and your child is bonkers bored? Plan an indoor camp-out, obvs.

I was lucky to win two of Mimish Designs awesome Sleep-N-Pack bags to make our camp out even better than I could have imagined. These super compact backpacks fold out into cozy sleeping bags with plenty of storage space for favorite books, toys, and a flashlight of course. They are machine washable which is a big plus for my potty-training kid and easily fold back into a backpack for easy storage, or carrying to the next big adventure!

Check out all our photos from our living room camping experience. Me, Simon, and Umbrella the Cat love our new Sleep-N-Packs!



🏕️ Get your Sleep-N-Pack bags from Mimish Designs here. 

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