Keeping Perspective And Humor

An embarrassing moment changed to fun through my son’s hilarious antics.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my To-Do lists that I forget to just be silly and enjoy the day. Despite all of our daily struggles and tears, my son always makes me laugh and reminds me to take it easy. Simon never lets me forget to just chill and laugh, especially at the most inopportune times.

We love hanging out at Tumble Inn in Goshen. A small studio room complete with a ball pit and trampolines, this type of non-structure play is Simon’s favorite. It gives him a safe and small space to release some energy, work his muscles, and also interact (if he chooses) with other children.

The first few times we played there, we had the room all to ourselves. But this week, there were quite a few moms and children playing as we walked in. Now of course Simon didn’t mind, he just wanted to hang out in the ball pit, but I was a nervous wreck.

“Are the other moms going to notice he’s different? Are the other kids going to be upset when he doesn’t talk back to them? Is someone going to give him or me a dirty look or whisper as we walk by?”

My thoughts began to race and I became increasingly nervous about all the possibilities of awkward conversations that could happen. Meanwhile, Simon was just enjoying playing in the ball pit. Suddenly he found a special football-shaped ball and screamed in delight. It was like finding the golden ticket! He was so excited and jumped out of the pit to show me and walked around the room with his treasure proudly displayed high in the air.

He walked past one of the moms with a huge smile, waiting for her to acknowledge his finding. She leans down and says “Hi cutie. What’s your name?”

Without hesitation he yells “FOOTBALL!” and I burst into laughter!

The mom swings around to see me cracking up on the floor and I can see her expression was slightly questioning if I had actually named my child football. I couldn’t even breathe. Here I had been nearly frozen with my fears and he was the happiest little boy in the world with his football. Since then, I remember to keep everything in perspective. It doesn’t matter what the word thinks of him; it matters what he thinks of the world.

Previously posted at Hudson Valley Parent Magazine.

*If you have any concerns about your child, please discuss with their pediatrician or contact your local school district or Early Intervention center for an evaluation.*