everything you need to know about IEPs


Your very first IEP can be nerve racking – all those meetings, evaluations and paperwork. I know, I’ve been there. Whether you’re transitioning from early intervention or starting your little one with services for the very first time, I’m here to help you through it all.

First things first
If your child has been receiving early intervention, they may be eligible to continue services in preschool. A service coordinator will help you register with your local school district to start the process.
If your child (age three to five) has not been in early intervention but you believe he may have physical or cognitive delays, he may be eligible for services in preschool. Contact your local school district to request an
evaluation for special education services. Most school districts will have a website tab for “special education” that provides a contact person to get in touch with.
Once that initial call is made, you’ll work closely with a team called the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). This team consists of a chairperson, school psychologist, general education teacher, special education teacher and you. They will help you understand state laws and regulations, discuss evaluations and work with you to develop the IEP or special equipment.