filigree poetry


Found an old poem  I wrote in 2001….

One day I decided to stop looking for more
One night I decided to sleep on the floor
There was no question, there was no confusion
There was just no reason for the logic I was using

So my new life began
taking the role of being a man
I understood all that was expected
the tragedies to come, I never detected

I woke up with a headache
But my heart was not broken
The sound stayed in my head
of the words you had spoken

There was blood on the floor
I felt as if this happened before
I began to feel weird
I started becoming what I most feared

I thought there was nothing that I didn’t know
But the thoughts I was thinking had nowhere to go
The dream I was dreaming just has to come true
The moment I lived in was perfect with you

The love I felt was very real
My emotions so strong that I couldn’t feel
The monster grew inside as I longed for you
Now it’s time, and I know what to do

I make it all up as I go along
I try and go slow so I don’t get it wrong
And the mistakes that I make, they are all mine
I don’t seem to learn with the passing of time


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