I leaned against the cold stone wall as he pressed his body into mine. Breathing slowly, he kissed my cheek, then traced his lips down my neck. I could feel his fingers slide under my shirt and just as he reached the curve of my…


“Huh…” dammit. Did I just space out again?

“Jesus Christ, Cam! Get it together!” he snapped. “They started the siren. We gotta move.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry, Hunter!”

God he was so fucking hot. I knew I needed to focus, but I couldn’t help it. It’s just what my brain does under pressure. I space. I don’t even know why he insisted I go on this run. I’m pretty sure he hates me.

Ever since Dad and I joined this group, Hunter made sure I knew the only reason I’m alive is because everyone around me “is smarter and quicker.” I should hate his guts right back, but when he looks at me, all I can think about is being alone with him. Ya know, if there wasn’t all this impending doom all the time.

I could feel his eyes rolling at me. “We’re moving on my count. One, two…….THREE!”

Shit here we go. I’m really not ready for this! Adrenaline was bursting through my veins and my heart was pumping so hard I could barely breathe. We sprinted through the parking lot and made it to the door of the pharmacy. Not a deader in sight. The alarms must be working.

Hunter held me back with one hand as he peered into the cracked glass of the door. Without a word, we tiptoed into the storefront, carefully stepping over piles of debris and decay. I pulled the front of my jacket up over my nose, but the stink punched right through. The smell was almost too much to handle, but the intense panic I felt was even worse.

It was so dark inside. Remains stained the front windows like blackout curtains, only letting in a few peaks of light here and there. As we got closer to the counter in the back, I could tell I was no longer walking on tile. The floor felt soggy and wet. I stepped again and my foot sank deep into soft flesh. I felt it seep over my sneaker into my sock. Stuck.

I didn’t know where he went. I could barely see the end of the aisle. I knew I needed to move. We had to get supplies. There wouldn’t be time to come back for me once the siren stopped. That noise was the only thing keeping the deaders occupied.

We didn’t know much about them except their senses were all on full blast. They could smell us miles away, they could hear even the most cautious of breaths, and they were fast. I mean really, really fast. If one caught your scent, you were pretty much as good as dead. The sirens messed them up though. The blaring sound sent them smashing their faces into the pavement.

Shit, where was he? Tying not in inhale I whispered out to him. “Hunter…. Hunter?”

Nothing. Okay I had to move. I reached out to the shelf next to me and pulled my foot from the rotting carcase. Now I could see the pharmacy pick-up counter. “Hunter?” Dammit, where was he?

I hopped onto the counter. “Hunt…”


What was that? Was that him back there? Should I just wait here or head back to the front of the store now? Goddammit Hunter, please don’t leave me!

Quietly sliding off the counter I made my way to the back room. I thought I was going to vomit. I could barely feel my fingers in my fists. Just as I turned into the doorway I saw the soles of his boots.

“Nononononono! Hunter, oh my god!”

“Cam it’s okay, I got it,” he gurgled. I tried to move him but he resisted. He was chewed to hell. The deader took most of his leg and side.

“It’s okay, we still have a few minutes. We can make it. The siren is still going.”

Hunter placed his hand on my face. He wasn’t leaving this spot. God even now, covered in blood, he was gorgeous.

His eyes glossed over and our moment was gone. He was gone. I sat next to him holding his hand, carefully studying his knuckles. This was the closest we had ever been. I thought about when we first met, he smiled at me once. I tripped over a stack of supplies and I caught him smiling. Maybe somewhere, deep down, he had feelings for me. Maybe he was trying to protect me all this time. Because he loved me.

We sat together in silence… Silence? FUCK the siren stopped!

I heard the deaders wailing outside. There was no way I was going to make it back to the parking lot. They were at the front door.

I’m sorry Hunter. I’m sorry I wasn’t right behind you. Maybe we would have survived. Or… maybe were we never meant to survive. And you knew that? You knew this was going to be your last run and that’s why you wanted me to come.

They were rummaging through the aisles now.

I laid down next to him and pulled his body onto mine. The weight of him felt so good. So safe. I let his beautiful face rest on my chest and stroked his hair.

They swarmed into the back room.

I kissed his soft lips. Still warm. I held mine pressed to his as long as I could.

“I love you too.”


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  1. Zooey says:

    Sexy and creepy. Great work. I enjoyed reading this. I’ll have to take a look around and see what else you’ve posted.


  2. Skye says:

    I liked this! Enough detail to know the surroundings while still keeping it brief. It read like a scene right out of “The Walking Dead”.


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