#MerMay 2018 is Back!!!!

Created by artist and animator Tom Bancroft, #MerMay is a month long celebration of mermaids!!

Artists from around the globe at all skill levels participate by drawing mermaids and share on social media using the hashtag #MerMay or #MerMay2018. There’s even an inspirational prompt on mermay.com.

Here’s some of my favs from Instagram…

Mermay day 4 #stephlew #photoshop #dailydoodle #Mermay #mermay2018 #mermaid

A post shared by Steph Lew (@stephlewart) on

3: Axolotl #mermay #mermay2018 #illustration #digitalart

A post shared by Robin Eide (@robineide_art) on

Filet o fish #mermay Thanks for the help @artbywu

A post shared by Andrew Mar (@andrewkmar) on


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