Why “Self Care” Is A Bunch Of Bull For Special Needs Moms

Mamas, we’ve all heard it before. The concerns of friends and family that we’re running ourselves too thin. The suggestions of how to adjust our lives to get that much needed rest. And with each comment of care I can simultaneously laugh and scream.

“You need to make time for you.”

“Sleep when the baby sleeps.”

“Go get your nails done and relax.”

“Aww, it’s your first one? It’ll get easier.”

“I’m sure you can find 15 minutes a day to exercise, right?”

“Why don’t you go out and I’ll watch the baby.”

But as mamas of children on the spectrum, the whole “self care” thing is a load of bull. I would LOVE to take time off to just relax somewhere, getting a massage, listening to peaceful sounds of the rain forest, drinking exotic teas in peace, but that’s not my life.

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