GGN 2010 #SDCC Panel – Geek Girls Do Exist

After moving a million times over the last few years, I finally had time to start going through my storage and found a treasure box of Geek Girls Network memorabilia: con passes, handouts, buttons, flyers, and DVDs of the first ever GGN Panel from the 2010 #SDCC called GEEK GIRLS DO EXIST !

What an amazing find! This video is about 45 minutes long and hilarious! It features some of the most influential and admirable women I know talking about being  an empowered geek girl:

Panelists Bonnie Burton, Kiala Kazebee, Morgan Romine, Kari Byron, Veronica Belmont, Jill Pantozzi, Sarah Kuhn, Marian Call, and myself as host and panel coordinator! And you can hear Geek Girl Diva in the beginning opening this historic moment!

Special thanks to James Maloney for capturing this event and to Joe Frank for formatting the video for the intarwebs!