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Autism Used To Mean “We Can’t,” Now It Means “We Adjust.”

Even before my son received the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis, life was very challenging. Way more challenging than it should be for first time parents and a new baby. Everyone told us “Life changes completely when you have a child,” but they couldn’t have meant all of this, right? Around five months old, my … Continue reading Autism Used To Mean “We Can’t,” Now It Means “We Adjust.”

filigree poetry


Found an old poem  I wrote in 2001.... One day I decided to stop looking for more One night I decided to sleep on the floor There was no question, there was no confusion There was just no reason for the logic I was using So my new life began taking the role of being … Continue reading untitled.

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welcome ♥

Thanks for stopping by! I write mainly about being a mom and our atypical family, hoping to reach other moms who need support raising and understanding children with autism spectrum and sensory processing challenges. And, on occasion, I'll share some flash fiction stories and poetry. I really appreciate that you found me and hope some … Continue reading welcome ♥